Hyderabad I-Clean Team, Spot fixing #2

Another Milestone Achieved! Dear ALL, we are able to spot-fix the remaining work of our previous Sunday's Task due to the hard work and outstanding contribution of our 13 volunteers (12 participated first time). All volunteers had ZERO experience but they had STRONG desires in their hearts. Few volunteers worked for the pavement repair work, few volunteers did the beautiful artwork and few were true multi-tasker and supported their fellow volunteers. ...IF you would like to join our team, please SEND a message and support this citizen's mission of Clean Hyderabad.

  • Date3/29/2015
  • Time08:00:00 - 11:30:00
  • Participants13
  • LocationMadhapur Bus Stop opposite Ratnadeep Supermarket
  • CityHyderabad
  • StateTelangana