“Good spreads more good”.

We created this website to inspire every Indian to work in building a Swachh Bharat.

We wish to be an active electronic virtual media facilitating the change – “Making a Cleaner and Greener India”. We wish to be that voice of every Indian trying to do whatever they can in their own means. The drives, initiatives and the activities being done in different corners of our nation must get a bigger outreach and this might help us solve chronic problems such as open defecation or clearing garbage dumped in the open. The difference our government is trying to bring needs the support of the people.

Through us, post your “before-after” photographs, videos and any innovative ideas that helped you in creating a cleaner livelihood. The efforts taken up by these few individuals must to be recognized and similar deeds must be encouraged. Every Indian should be motivated to fulfill our common motive. We see the dream INDIA manifesting into a reality.

Let us together repaint the image we have imprinted on the world, let’s start afresh and together.

“Chalo, nirmaan karen ek Swacch Bharat!!”
“Jai Hind!”

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